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Nail the Fabrics

We have over 300 different fabric swatches to choose from varying from very simple solids & plain colors to the very intricate plaids, paisley and striped suits. From the fabric down to the buttons it is all 100% yours to design with our stylists to guide you along the process & measure you effectively! Fabric's will change the price of the suit as one aspect of the quality of ones suiting depends on the materials being used. 


Choose the Design

We get to choose the entire design of the suit. Crafting your suit in whatever lapel & button variation that satisfies your liking. Most men are familiar with the notch custom we can add in some cool looking peaks and shawls too for a more nuanced look and style. The thread colors and name labels are all part of the suiting process as well that we get autonomy over. 


Pick your linings

The lining game is truly a unique way to revolutionize the suit feel. By selecting a very intricate lining we are crafting a truly one of a kind piece of menswear. Some linings are more muted than others...we take the customers personality into consideration when we offer advice on these. 

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