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Lounging in Lancaster - #2 Waltz Vineyard


Zach from Waltz Vineyard comes by and gives us the whole history of his farm, family and then gives us some great insight into his wine. Truly a great listen for gaining knowledge into his Estate wines. His wine knowledge and passion is so evident just off one conversation. Its great to see a fellow Lancaster County native share with us the responsibility and care for legacy that he has.

For everyone who enjoys listening to the podcast and want to try out the wines please consider buying online from them at - If you join their wine club Fridays they have a concert series which is a super fun & covid conscious (outdoors & distanced) activity which you can partake in.



Next week, Were having Vince a radio host from Fun 101.3 to come on and talk about his web series Vince Eats and just the fun nature of Lancaster's changing culture and what the future of radio might look like!

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