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The Perfect Groomsmen Gift

Dude, you've got to get your guys something. How many of them are going to actually use that clunky flask or their drinking horn? Maybe once a year. Let's get practical here fellas.

Let consider mens dress shoes. We all need them at least once a year. Whether you wear them everyday for work or once a week at church. Dress shoes are such a great and practical way to give your groomsmen something of value on your wedding day. Let's face it, you're

asking them at the very least to rent a suit potentially even asking them to purchase a suit. Giving them the gift of shoes allows them to keep something of value from your wedding.

There's nothing worse than being a groomsmen in multiple weddings a year and each time you get the same kind of money clip or cheap shot glass sort of gift. Now you have a cabinet full of barely used groomsmen gifts thats taking up space because you'd feel too guilty throwing out something from your buddies wedding that you don't actually even want.

The average gift spending to your groomsmen should be between $50-$100 per person. Anymore starts to feel overbearing, any less starts to feel unappreciative. Doing a dress shoe & sock combo is so ideal for each guy giving them things they can use over and over again.

If you want to be over the top. Give them a tie as well. Shoe, sock & tie...coordinate them together well for both your wedding & their wardrobe and your guys will be thankful they have ya as a buddy.

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