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The story of D.R.S. Menswear

We are a local menswear company deeply rooted in the traditions of formalwear. We're the child company of Central PA Tuxedo which has outfitted brides & grooms in rental clothing for the last 20+ years. We're a company evolving with the times but remembering the finer details of being a well dressed gentleman. 

D.R.S stands for the initials of Donavon Russell Stadel the founder and lead tailor. Douglas Ryan Stadel, his father started Central Pa Tuxedo when he was in his early 20's. Donavon is following in the footsteps of his father but is adding in new exciting styles, products & higher end suits to scale us from being not only the best rental company in town but the new hot spot for clothing purchases as well. 

Douglas has three children all involved into the new company. Donavon is owner, stylist and lead tailor. Riley is youngest son, he handles computer hardware, IT and website maintenance. Stacie is our admin specialist and personal stylist. 

Between Doug's three children they also carry the initials D.R.S. 

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