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Men who wear professional clothing everyday need variety to maintain a well polished and fresh appearance. We have packages set in place to give you endless options without having to repeat your same favorite looks or spend a fortune to keep up to date. New clients will be required to start with just 1 suit or 1 shirt to ensure we craft the best fitting garment to your taste and satisfaction before an order of quantity will be placed. It is a normal practice to have some adjustments made, however once we have your profile solidified we will honor your first purchase with us against any discount program you are wishing to take part in.


Pricing per item will vary based on fabric selection. Donavon, your tailor, will be happy to discuss budgets & fabric costs with you. 


Starter Pack

This is a great package for the wardrobe refresh that men need every 1-2 years. Often they have a decent wardrobe starting out but need just a piece or two to really complement the full sartorial scope of the closet


The Expansion Pack 

This is a great package for men really looking to elevate and update their wardrobe. We can craft the right amount of pieces together to upscale any existing items you have while adding in a lot to redefine your style. 

With 5 Dress Shirts - We give you one additional at no charge as well. 


The Overhaul Or Fresh Start

This is designed for the guy who wears and needs a lot of suits. At 25% off you're getting world class quality for a fraction of the price. If you're new to the custom world, this program will give you everything you need. 

With 10 dress shirts you receive 2 free shirts as well. 

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Currently Servicing Clients In:

Los Angeles - Long Beach - Orange County - Pennsylvania - New York - Chicago - Dallas - Austin


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