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Suit Essentials Every Man Needs

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

You may not have an extensive wardrobe's a few ways you can get the absolute most out of your basics.

When investing into your first few suits. You want to make sure that you can utilize all pieces in multiple facets. There's no sense in buying that plaid suit if you feel like you can only wear both the coat and pants together. You want to be able to dress yourself up...and dress yourself down with style. By buying solid colors like the gentleman on the right you get the availability of wearing the navy jacket as a sport coat in the summer months as a "Bermuda suit" (sport coat and shorts).

In reference to the plaids, you also should be aware of what you currently own in dress shirts too. If most of your shirts are solids or very subtle may be able to utilize a plaid suit very effectively by adding a fashion pattern in your slacks with a less distracting dress shirt or sweater. As well as rocking coat as a sport jacket.

What is the Best Color?

“Absolutely everyone looks good in Navy. Truly, every single man ever, has rocked the hell out of a cool navy blue suit.” - Women all over the globe

Your navy suit is a go-to. It's great for weddings, interviews and heaven forbid even funerals. They are your most versatile for all occasions that is calls for. AND you get the ability to wear it a little less formal as a sport coat with a dressier pair of jeans and shirt.

Charcoal is a close second

You're going to use this one a lot. I'd recommend buying a second matching pair of pants because charcoal dress slacks are so easy to match with just about every color shirt you own. Having the second pair of pants makes your wash/dry cleaning bill way more manageable and less often. Charcoal is again one of the more versatile colors. The only time is every a little out of place is the dead middle of the summer months. Outside of that, its truly one of the best options for a first time suit buyer as its so neutral and can be worn in a variety of different ways .

Dress shirts are the key to pattern mixing

“The light blue solid dress shirt makes everything easier.”

The dress shirt underneath a suit is the basically setting your canvas. By choosing a very agreeable color like light blue you're allowing for a myriad of tie options to get paired with it. You can go Navy, Blue stripe, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow. Literally almost every single color can be set on top of a light blue dress shirt and it works. This shirt & white...simply has to be in every mans closet first...then get into herringbones, plaids, jacquards and checks.

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